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Saranovitz Capital Management offers a range of personal planning services for businesses to help you answer your most pressing financial questions.

Pension/401(k) Consulting Services

Is your plan in compliance with the new disclosure regulations? Do you have the highest quality investment options? Are your plan fees reasonable? Are you exposed to excessive fiduciary risk?

Executive Benefits Consulting

Do you have a non-qualified retirement program with tax benefits for key executives? If non-qualified programs are in place, have the legal documents been reviewed to assure they are in line with current tax law changes?

Group Benefits/Health Insurance Services

Are you utilizing the most recent strategies within your health plan to reduce cost and/or control annual increases?

Voluntary Group Benefits

Are you aware of the myriad of valuable “no employer cost” employee benefit programs? Do you understand the “cost savings” your employees can realize from a voluntary group plan versus an individual plan?

Business Estate Planning/Succession Planning

Do you plan to retire within the next 5-10 years? Do you have an executed business succession plan in the event of your death, disability or retirement? Will a key employee or family member take over or inherit your business?

SCM offers prospective clients like you, the ability to receive a complimentary SCM 1st Look, 2nd Opinion” Financial Assessment" to help you objectively review key areas of concern. This exclusive “2nd Opinion” assessment has truly opened many eyes to some serious gaps and risks that needed immediate attention. We welcome you to learn more about our various services here on our website and then either call us at (855) 345-7077 or email us at: to take the next step.