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Saranovitz Capital Management offers a range of personal planning services for individuals families to help you answer your most pressing financial questions:

Retirement Income Planning

Am I putting away enough money to reach my retirement goals? Am I utilizing the correct income distribution method to maximize income and assure my money lasts a lifetime?

Long-Term Care Planning

Will my Medicare, Medicaid and my current long-term care plan be enough? What role does long-term care insurance play and is self-insuring my potential long-term care needs the most cost effective strategy?

Portfolio Analysis Services

Am I exposed to excessive risk in light of today’s market conditions? Do I have top quality investments in my portfolio?

Life Insurance Services

Do I have the right type of life insurance and am I paying too much for it? Is my coverage sufficient to protect my loved ones?

Estate Planning

What steps do I need to take to assure I leave the maximum to my heirs? What strategies can I utilize to reduce my potential estate tax for my heirs?

Income Tax Planning

What strategies can I use to reduce my tax burden? Can I invest in a more tax efficient manner?